Cadillac 390 Engine Accessories

Cadillac 390 Engine Accessories

Chip Off The Old Block

Part 8 – Installing the fuel pump, water pump, alternator, and accessories

In this final episode of our engine series, Bob and Josh will discuss and install the fuel pump, water pump, alternator, and other accessories that go on the Cadillac 390 engine. These are the final pieces that will go on the engine, before they attach the transmission and bolt it to the frame. There might be a few differences on your engine, depending on if you don’t have power steering, air conditioning, air suspension, etc. Be sure to double check that the parts in this video are correct for your engine before purchasing.


You can purchase the parts used in this video from Caddy Daddy below:

Fuel Pump Push Rod –
Oil Filler Tube –
Fuel Pump (Reproduction) –
Fuel Pump (Rebuilt) –
Oil Breather Cap –
Water Pump (Reproduction) –
Water Pump (Rebuilt) –
Water Pump Bolt Kit –
Oil Filter Housing –
Power Steering Pump Mounting Bracket –
A/C Bracket to Head –
Thermostat –
Water Pump Thermostat Housing –
Alternator (with Lamp Terminal) –
Generator Mounting Bracket (Lower) –
Generator Mounting Bracket (Upper) –


Stay tuned for future episodes, as we continue to build this amazing Cadillac!