Restoration Expert

Josh Heide has always had an interest in all things mechanical and electronic. As a child, he would take apart anything he could get his hands on, just to see how it worked. His college days resulted in two degrees – one in electronics technology, and another in communications/CATV. Although he worked in public safety two way and microwave communications for almost 20 years, he always had a desire to work with old machines. After some time, Josh decided to move on and explore other options in life. He explored new opportunities at a winery equipment fabrication shop, specializing in custom machine work and welding of stainless steel and aluminum.

Later, Josh met John Coyle through a mutual friend, and got involved professionally in the classic car world. Since then, Josh has been involved in developing Cadillac reproduction parts and rebuilding of electrical components that were never designed to be repaired or rebuilt.

Although he is a MoPar fan, Josh likes to work on anything and everything mechanical or electronic. From rebuilding R/C car engines, to rarities like Hispano-Suiza and Cord, to 8016 cubic inch ALCO locomotive prime movers, Josh has worked on it all. His daily driver is a 1950 Dodge, along with a personal fleet of beautiful cars that he owns, including a 1948 DeSoto, a 1956 Plymouth, a 1972 Dodge, and a 1979 Mercedes. His past daily drivers have been a 1943 Ford GPW and a 1929 Ford Sport Coupe.

While not working on cars, you can find Josh working on and modifying radio equipment for amateur use, restoring military communications equipment, or spending time at the firing range.