New Old Stock (NOS) Parts – What To Expect

New Old Stock (NOS) Parts – What To Expect

New Old Stock (NOS) Parts – What To Expect

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When it comes to Cadillac New Old Stock parts, some may think the items are always in perfect condition just because they came from the original manufacturer. In some cases that is just not correct.

In this video, Josh will explain what to expect when purchasing New Old Stock (NOS) or New Old Replacement Stock (NORS) parts from Caddy Daddy. Some of these parts are over 50 years old and have been transported or even stored on shelves over time, so they may not always be in mint condition. Just because they are new, does not always mean they are ready to install on your vehicle right away. The parts could have been exposed to moisture, may have had some rough handling over time, or just had some box material worked on to it over the years. There is no way of telling what condition the New Old Stock part is in if the box is completely sealed, until the package is opened up. These old parts, like our old cars, just need a little extra attention.

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September 7, 2021