The Six Best Recipes For Your Cadillac Engine

The Six Best Recipes For Your Cadillac Engine

The Six Best Recipes For Your Cadillac Engine

Caddy care for your engine

Recipe 1 of 6: Oil is the lubricant that keeps your engine running smoothly.

Check your oil regularly.
A. The dipstick is key to understanding your engine needs. Color, level of oil, and sludge on the dipstick is how we view the engine from the outside. You can purchase Cadillac dipsticks and tubes here –

B. Where you drive, matters to your oil as well. Driving in stop and go traffic and city environments can increase your need for an oil change. Off-roading and dirt roads also stress the oil.

C. 3,000 miles or 3 months is the recommended amount of time between oil changes. This allows the engine to maximize the performance of your Cadillac. You can add your tune-ups to your calendar like a doctor’s appointment.


Recipe 2 of 6: Overheating and what you need to know.

The oil is now clean and working in your engine. To keep your Cadillac purring, you also need to understand the signs of engine overheating. There is a delicate balance between the fuel pumping inside your engine and the coolant that is keeping the temperatures in the engine at the proper limits. We have all seen the mark on the pavement where a car has excreted fluid. This is an age-old sign of an unbalanced temperature.

Note: This can happen in the summer with the A/C unit, but knowing the smell and color of your car fluid can save you money and worries in the long run.

Can You Identify Your Car Fluid?


Recipe 3 of 6: Engines need regular tune-ups.

Do you DIY? You operate on your Cadillac every three months to make sure that the engine gives you the best power and performance for your Caddy. Having clean, replaced, or new parts to the engine can make all the difference.

Tune-ups are requested by manufacturers every 60,000 to 90,000 miles. Have a professional take a look at your Cadillac to make sure it’s not missing a distributor system issue or if there is a Caddy specific topic that you might not know about. Certified Cadillac Dealers have the latest information on safety, parts, and performance.

Need A Tune-Up Part?


Recipe 4 of 6: Air filter. Change and breathe easy.

A car engine is very similar to the human body and it needs clean fuel, doctor checks, broken parts replaced, and fresh air. A dirty air filter is like breathing with one lung. The vehicle’s performance, efficiency, and power can all be hindered, creating larger issues in the Cadillac’s overall health and longevity in the engine. You can purchase Cadillac air filters here –

An air filter after only six months.


Recipe 5 of 6: Is your drive belt worn out?

Belts are always important in every car, inside and out. Weather and typical daily driving can create nicks, cuts, and frays in your driving belt. Making sure this belt is working properly can make your Cadillac engine drive at peak performance. You can purchase Cadillac belts here –

If you didn’t know, the driving belt is also referred to as the serpentine belt.


Recipe 6 of 6: When is the last time you checked your timing belt?

It’s time to mention another belt in the engine. The timing belt controls the valves to the engine. It is the last item in the Cadillac engine recipe for success. But we need to make sure we know what we are looking for when it comes to this critical engine part.

Here is a video explaining where this critical engine part is located, inspected, and replaced.


Now that steps 1 – 6 are complete, enjoy your Cadillac with an engine that will perform the way it should.


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