How To Rebuild A Cadillac Oil Pump

How To Rebuild A Cadillac Oil Pump

How To Rebuild A Cadillac Oil Pump

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The oil pump, which circulates engine oil to the bearings, pistons, and camshaft in your vehicle’s engine, is a very important part that can lose oil pressure over time. This typically makes your engine run hot as engine parts are not receiving the oil they need to function correctly.

In this video, Josh will show you how to rebuild a 1959 Cadillac oil pump using an oil pump rebuild kit from Caddy Daddy. Rebuilding an oil pump is the same process for pretty much any car. It’s important to always make sure the clearances are at the recommended numbers before putting everything back together. This will prevent future damages to the oil pump and make it last longer over time.

The 1959 Cadillac oil pump rebuild kit used in this video includes a new driven gear, a new idler gear, a pressure regulator spring and plunger, a cotter pin, and a new gasket. Lock washers are not included in the kit and you will have to provide those yourself.

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July 8, 2021