Driveshaft Install

Driveshaft Install

Driveshaft Dreams

Modifying the driveshaft to fit the x-frame

In this episode, we’ll show you how we modified and fit the driveshaft on our 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz. This allows us to use the Turbo 400 transmission by using u-joints, a longer slip yoke, and a center support connector that connects the two shorter shafts together. The driveshaft consisted of two smaller pieces, which were linked together through the x-frame, and fit the distance between the transmission and the third member. We were also able to modify the crossmember to fit the transmission mount, so that the Turbo 400 could bolt directly to it.



You can purchase the parts used in this video from Caddy Daddy below:

Transmission Mount –
Transmission Mount Crossmember –
Slip Yoke –
Center Support with Bearing –
Cross Series U-Joint –


Stay tuned for future episodes, as we continue to build this amazing Cadillac!