Chip Off The Old Block – Installing The Oil Pump, Oil Pan, Oil Filter, and Windage Tray

Chip Off The Old Block

Part 6 – Installing the oil pump, oil pan, oil filter, and windage tray

Next up, in this episode of our engine series, Josh and Bob will show you how to rebuild an oil pump, using the parts available from Caddy Daddy. Then, they will install it on the Cadillac 390 engine, along with the windage tray, oil pan, and oil filter. We used a full flow filter assembly, along with the bypass filter, to get dual filtration on this 1960 engine. This is better for removing smaller particles and creating a more healthy filtration for the oil to flow through the block.

Parts used in this video can be purchased from Caddy Daddy below:

Purchase Oil Pump Strainer Screen Pick Up –
Purchase Oil Pump Kit –
Purchase Windage Tray –
Purchase Oil Pump –
Purchase Oil Bypass Reservoir –
Purchase Oil Full Flow Filter Assembly –
Purchase Oil Filter to Crankcase Gasket –
Purchase Oil Filter Bolt & Lock Washer Kit –


Stay tuned for future episodes, as we continue to build this amazing Cadillac!