64′ Engine Update

64′ Engine Update

Engine Update!

1964 Cadillac Eldorado

The 1964 Cadillac Eldorado engine has gone through quite a lot this year, including being completely rebuilt. We we able to get it running again after replacing quite a few parts we had on the shelf over at Caddy Daddy. Now that it’s back in the bay, it sounds great and runs like a champ. Stay tuned for more updates!


You can purchase the parts used in this video from Caddy Daddy below:

Carter AFB Carburetorhttps://bit.ly/cartercarb
Distributor (Rebuilt)https://bit.ly/distributorrebuilt
Distributor Caphttps://bit.ly/distributorcap
Alternator (12 SI 100 Amps)https://bit.ly/alternator100amps
Engine Fan Blade Spacerhttp://bit.ly/2XoyPlX
Water Pump Pulley (Triple Groove)https://bit.ly/waterpumppulley
Fan to A/C Compressor Belthttps://bit.ly/fan2acbelt
Fan to Generator Belthttps://bit.ly/fan2generatorbelt
Fan to Power Steering Pump Belthttps://bit.ly/fan2pspumpbelt
Fuel Pump (Reproduction)https://bit.ly/fuelpumpreproduction
Fuel Pump (Rebuilt)https://bit.ly/fuelpumprebuild